Our Values

Our values are based on motivating children to approach learning environments (and their world generally), utilising frequent, powerful, natural and artificial rewards. We value problem solving, having fun, and taking each child “to the next level”. We take responsibility for our teaching approach and the learning environment we create.


Our Approach

We utilise evidence-based approaches grounded in learning theory and behaviour analysis, and combine family centred practice with curriculum, developmental, and normative based assessments to set individualised programs for each child. These programs are collaboratively formulated with parents and one of our case managers, and executed by our therapists. We keep qualitative and quantitative data records for all sessions, and review the progress of each child on a regular basis to revise programs and goals accordingly.


What We Target

Our programs seek to facilitate improvement across a broad range of developmental domains and target specific goals including (but not limited to):

  • speech & language (e.g. expressive language; comprehension; instruction following; articulation)

  • play (e.g. imitative social play; figurine and socio-dramatic play)

  • social skills (e.g. greetings; turn-taking; conversation)

  • cognition (e.g. attention & concentration; concepts)

  • academic skills (e.g. reading; writing)

  • motor skills (e.g. gross- and fine-motor)

  • adaptive skills (e.g. feeding; toileting; dressing)

  • parent-child interactions (e.g. attachment; behaviour management).