Individualised learning plans include a range of targets as needed, including:


  • joint and shared attention;

  • behaviour management – replacement of maladaptive behaviours with appropriate pro-social behaviour;

  • functional receptive and expressive speech and language development;

  • visual, auditory, and tactile discriminations;

  • social skills and play;

  • social-emotional coping and flexibility;

  • gross and fine-motor skills;

  • daily and adaptive living skills

We offer home-based consultations and interventions targeting:

  • language and communication, including communication at the pre-verbal stage, verbal communication, and augmented communication;

  • disruptive behaviour including tantrums, disobedience, and aggression;

  • social skills and play including sharing, play dates, and alternatives to repetitive behaviours;

  • self-care skills including grooming and hygiene, dressing, and daily routines (e.g. bed time);

  • meal times including independent eating, selective eating, and oral sensitivities;

  • toileting, including training, bed wetting, and smearing;

  • fear and anxiety, including separation problems, sensory aversions, and self-injurious behaviour.